Welcome to OftenAwesome.org, We are proud to present information that we hope will further the fight against ALS.

Go Army!

Often Awesome was started in mid-2009 in support of Tim LaFollette, a local musician and our friend, who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). At least five generations of Tim's family have now lived with and died from this disease. During his illness, Tim was adamant that he wanted to help raise awareness for this condition, which, while there have been some more recent breakthroughs in research, has had little change in the palliative treatments options since both his grandmother and mother passed away from it in 1982. Even though he eventually was completely bound to his bed and eventually forced to use an eye gaze computer to communicate, Tim was able to discuss his decline with humor and truthfulness. In addition, the members of the OA Army, assisting Tim in whatever area they could, give you faith in what humanity can do as the community provided support to Tim to allow him to both stay at home and in Greensboro during the duration of his illness. The movement that started as a small group of friends, morphed into more than a thousand members and included a care team, benefit shows, an award winning web series and even merchandise.

On August 23rd, 2011, Tim passed away peacefully at home with family, friends and caregivers by his side. While we miss Tim, we are proud to have converted Often Awesome into an official nonprofit organization and are excited about what we will be able to do to continue to raise awareness and help patients and caregivers through an enhanced website in early 2013.