ALS Sucks. We Want To Make It Suck Less.

Often Awesome was started in mid-2009 in support of Tim LaFollette who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)at 29. While Tim lost his battle just over two years later, we transitioned this informal organization to an official non-profit organization to keep Tim's goal alive - focusing on education, advocacy and a cure.

ALS has no cure and only one option to potentially extend a patient's life by a few months. That's it. And then it moves through the body robbing the patient of the ability to walk, talk, hug loved ones, go to the bathroom alone and eventually breathe without medical support.

This disease sucks. In memory of Tim, we continue to following our unique way of approaching awareness and fundraising - being quirky and non-traditional by using dance parties or tattoo benefits versus a sit down dinner.

Our mission is to make ALS suck less by:
- Creating awareness about the disease itself as well as the impact to patients, caregivers, families and friends.
- Providing education for caregivers, especially home health care. workers, regarding some of the unique challenges of this disease.
- Advocating for necessary changes to laws to support ALS patients.
- Supporting other ALS organizations who provide direct patient support or focus on research.